Sustainability Leadership Programme for the Health Care Sector 25–26 March, 2013; Madingley Hall, Cambridge, UK

From the Director – NHS Sustainable Development Unit (SDU)
Leading a Sustainable Health System in a Resource Constrained World
Following the previous successful events at Madingley Hall, Cambridge, England in 2011 and 2012, we are developing this course and network even further and running a very similar event on the 25-26th March 2013.
You may know that this is a small high level event for national and international leaders of today and tomorrow in health and healthcare.  We ( and the Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership ( have designed and delivered these annual seminars to share international work done so far and to develop the growing network of people from around the world.  This builds on the first seminars run 2011 and 2012.
The main objective is to skill and network health sector leaders who are involved in large scale change, focussing especially on how sustainability is becoming a key pillar of quality in health care and public health outcomes, and where sustainability is aligned with other important drivers (saving money, guaranteeing compliance, improving resilience, reputation, and of course, health…)
The details of the 2013 course are attached (in pdf)
Attendees at the previous courses have included:
  • Chief and Deputy Chief Medical Officers
  • UK Department of Health policy makers
  • CEOs and Deputy CEOs and Non-Executive Directors of large hospitals
  • Senior clinicians
  • Senior Health Protection professionals
  • International public health leaders
  • Leading academics involved with international research on health, leadership and sustainability
  • WHO and UN senior staff
  • Government and NGO leaders on Sustainability and Climate Change
  • Climate change specialists
  • Professor of bioethics
  • Senior Sustainability Managers
There are some bursaries available for those who feel they would benefit from this course but who may not be able to source the entire funding themselves.
The Programme’s overall objectives are to:
– bring together health sector leaders who are involved in large scale change in their organisation, sector or clinical area to share the knowledge, policy context and skills necessary to deliver a sustainable future health service;
– to share across organisational and international boundaries the potential solutions to the challenges faced by health care organisations and professionals to bring about the relevant changes;
– to create networks and alumni of strategic, operational, and thought leaders in sustainable healthcare.
More details can be found online at:
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