Stronger-Together: health and well being boards

Do you know how to work with Health and Wellbeing Boards?

A new public health policy in England is now producing a whole raft of structures including Health and Wellbeing Boards (HWBB). How will they work with local providers. A new report from the NHS confederation attempts to show how HWBB will work with local providers.

There is significant concern that mental health is insufficiently represented and often seen to only be relevant to specialist care services. Read this report, and take up public mental health priorities to your local HWBB.

HWBB are supposed to:

1) identify needs and assets for Joint Strategic Needs Assessments and set

  • priorities within Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategies.  Provider engagement will enable boards to:
  • utilise valuable local knowledge and insights;
  • use existing information better
  • access more channels for two-way dialogue with patient and service user groups,
  • and harness community assets.

2. Deliver health and wellbeing board priority outcomes

Health and wellbeing boards need to understand and be able to influence the delivery as well as commissioning of services to achieve their goals. This includes understanding and visioning new types of services that break free of conventional public, primary and secondary care structures which can become barriers. 

Please post any comments on your experiences of working with HWBB, and the profile mental and emotional health receives. 

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