Preventing Dementia: we know enough to take some action but we need to know more.

The development of public mental health policies, structures and practices is progressing at such a pace that some key issues may be overlooked. It is clear that the greatest lifetime gains can be secured by effective interventions for preventing mental illness and promoting mental health and wellbeing in young people. However, with more of an ageing population greater attention is needed to prevent dementia.

The promotion and protection of mental capital, mental health and wellbeing are essential for all age groups; preventing premature mortality is also important and can be met by promoting healthier nutrition and activity, meaningful activity and sustaining social support and roles for as long as possible. More people will be working beyond their traditional retirement ages; the prevention of dementia and cognitive impairment, and the protection of mental capital are essential. Here is a paper by three experts: Purandare, Ballard and Burns:

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