Public Mental Health: a new Special Interest Group


Public mental health policy is a priority for the College and government. Mental health prevention and promotion and commissioning are changing.

Many services like addictions will now be commissioned by local authorities, and each organisation, faculty, discipline and speciality will need to engage with mental health and wellbeing boards, with local authority joint strategic needs assessments, as well as considering the role of the psychiatrist and psychiatry and the wider body of mental health professionals in the current service and commissioning climate. We’ve held three successful meetings of the Public Mental Health Network, and increased confidence and capacity as well as good working relations with professional and public stakeholders.

Write in

As part of this work we wish to establish a Public Mental Health Special Interest Group (PMH SIG) to take forward actions around training and education and CPD, media and public engagement, website activities including a newsletter. We ask members or the Royal College of Psychiatrists to support the establishment of a new SIG. Members are invited to write in support of this Group and express willingness to participate in its activities.

The PMH SIG will be open to membership from all public and private bodies, and will work closely with organisations outside of the Royal College as well as the faculties and divisions within the college. Yet, it can only be established if members act now. 

Interested Members should email Sue Duncan. Please use the subject line ‘Public Mental Health SIG’. If 120 members reply to this notice within four months of publication, then the Council shall formally approve the establishment of this Special Interest Group.

If you are not a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists but wish to be involved if such a group is successfully established, please contact me directly.

Kamaldeep Bhui

Public Health Lead, Royal College of Psychiatrists

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